Whether we are working in the office or on the job site, safety is our number one priority at Canterbury Enterprises.  The foundation of our safety philosophy is dedicated teamwork and looking out for one another and their surroundings.

Canterbury Enterprises and our partners agree to work cooperatively to address critical safety and health issues without hesitation. This approach is the road map that we use to guide every phase of each project towards safety excellence and has proven itself effective for reducing the risk of fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace and on site.

Without our safety principles, we would not be able to achieve the highest level of performance on our projects.  We believe that leadership is key in creating a safe work environment and influences our project teams to lead by example, putting safety first in their daily work activities.  On every job, we establish an open line of communication with all project Subcontractors, Vendors, Suppliers, Owners, Architects, and Engineers in maintaining a safe work environment.

Canterbury Enterprises has a current EMR of .83 and upholds all safety standards to the highest degree.